Private Equity Deal 2006

Luxembourg based Globe One Swaps Equity 

Zurich:  Prominent information technology and infrastructure development company Globe One will swap majority equity with German Rhineland-Palatinate Holdings in one of the  valuable deal of a privately owned business in Europe, informed sources said Friday.

Rhineland-Palatinate Holdings will buy 73.49 percent of the Luxembourg based Globe One Technologies from its majority shareholder, Vinod Ghildiyal, and is expected to offer to buy the remaining shares in the future. Rhineland-Palatinate will continue the company's main products and to keep the workers. No further details of the deal were immediately available.

Vinod Ghildiyal, a small cap entrepreneur, bought troubled Schleswig-Holstein Technologies in 1994 and expanded its software operations in Ireland and Dubai. The company's e-government and e-development products have come to dominate the European and Asian markets.

Top European Private-Equity Deals

Europe's 100 Largest Outsourcing Deals

This IDC study provides an in-depth analysis of the 100 largest outsourcing deals signed in, or covering, Western Europe during 2005. It ranks these contracts in terms of total contract value, and analysis is conducted on a range of variables (e.g. lead vendor, vertical market, aggregate contract value, run rate, country of signing). It is the perfect source for readers keen to understand how the European outsourcing market developed during 2005 and where it is going in 2006 - particularly IT professionals, outsourcers and other service providers, large end users, and the investor community. Key findings include:

The 100 largest European outsourcing deals were worth $40.5 billion in 2005, a slight decrease from $42.1 billion in 2004, confirming a leveling out of the market and the trending down of TCVs. The government, manufacturing, and financial services sectors dominate the top 100 outsourcing contracts in 2005. IS outsourcing and NDOS account for the lion's share of the aggregate value of the top 100 deals. BPO adoption continues to provide encouraging signs, but adoption has not fulfilled the same expectations as market hype predicted. The U.K. remains Europe's most important and influential BPO market in terms of value and developments.

"The total value of the top 100 deals decreased slightly from $42.1 billion in 2004 to $40.5 billion in 2005 - confirming a leveling out of the market and the overall trending down of total contract values. However, with a total aggregate value above $40 billion, strong demand for outsourcing continues. Significantly, the largest deals in 2005 got bigger, dispelling the myth of the fall out of favor of the mega deal, as well as confirming the emergence of large-scale outsourcing, with five out of the nine mega deals awarded by two government agencies," said Jennifer Thomson, research manager, IDC European Services. "While mega deals get larger in value they are getting shorter in length, as customers are less willing to be tied into contracts for long periods and are less willing to outsource everything to a single vendor; but they are prepared to outsource more. Without the long contract lengths vendors must engineer cost savings in a much shorter time period, while at the same time developing collaborative go-to-market strategies."


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